Friday, January 6, 2017

January 6th

Today we had the incredible opportunity to be ministers of Holy Communion at Holy Mass of the Epiphany at St. Peter's with Pope Francis.

Deacon Chris Weber shared some of his experiences:

We had been told we would be vesting as Deacons and distributing Holy Communion, but we did not have any details on how this would work.  When we arrived half of our group got split off and sent to the front of the Basilica while the rest of us were sent to a side area behind a curtain.  Eventually we were reunited and an American MC (Msgr. Cihak who works in the Congregation for Bishops) helped get us squared away. 
We were sent to the Blessed Sacrament chapel where we waited and wondered whether we would get to serve or if we would be forgotten and left to listen to the Mass from the side chapel.  Eventually they brought out Cottas (surplices) and stoles for us and lined us up for the procession to our seats.  A choir from Dallas was helping with the music, and as we processed in they sang “Carol of the Bells.”  As we turned the corner to go down the main aisle I heard “ding, dongey dong.” 

When we arrived at the front of the Basilica an MC ushered VanHoose, Froehle, and myself off to the right, while the rest of our classmates went up and to the left.  We didn’t know why we had been separated, but at least we had good seats. 

Then an MC from somewhere in Eastern Europe came up to the three of us and said, “you three will help with communion to cardinals and bishops. You will take chalice and ciborium to main altar at offertory.  After consecration you will take chalice and ciboria from main altar and bring to cardinals and priests.  You follow me.”  After he left I turned to Froehle and said “I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work, since I can’t feel my legs.”

Deacon Chris Weber distributes Holy Communion

Chris and a few other deacons were able to give Communion to the Cardinals and Bishops.  The rest of us were able to give Communion to the lay faithful.

God is good.  May He bless you and reveal His love to you in a new way just as He revealed Himself to the Magi.

Here is a quote from Pope Francis from today's homily:

"The Magi were able to worship, because they had the courage to set out.  And as they fell to their knees before the small, poor and vulnerable Infant, the unexpected and unknown Child of Bethlehem, they discovered the glory of God."

And here is the link to a video of the Mass: 

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  1. What a beautiful Epiphany! One you will never forget.

    Thanks for sharing and God bless.