Friday, January 13, 2017

January 12

We had the morning open for study and prayer. Before lunch we met for class to discuss the various visits we made this week.

After lunch we met with Fr. Sweeney, an aid at the Congregation of Bishops. His office coordinates the Ad Limina visits Bishop's are required to make every five years. We also got to learn about process the Vatican goes through to choose new Bishops. It was complicated and fascinating.

In the evening we climbed the famous Spanish Steps to visit the Emmanuel Community. They're a community focused on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church today. It was a beautiful evening with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We celebrated Mass with the young community in a small chapel, famous for its image of Mary. St Therese of Lisieux prayed here before meeting with the Pope to request to become a Carmelite. This is our second encounter with her in Rome, which is so fitting because she's the patroness of missionaries.

St Therese of Lisieux, Pray for us!

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