Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25th

We had another early morning walk to St Peter's this morning, this time to celebrate Mass at the altar of the tomb of St Peter. The altar is underneath the main floor in the grottos, surrounded by the tombs of popes.

Behind the altar you can see an Icon of Christ. This is from St Peter's first tomb, called the Trophy, built in the year 160A.D. Just a few feet below rest the bones of a Galilean fisherman and friend of Jesus, St Peter.

We also attended Evening Prayer with Pope Francis for the week of Christian Unity. Christian leaders from around the world joined the Holy Father for dialogue and prayer. Evening prayer was held at the tomb of St Paul. Peter and Paul, who were martyred on the same day, are the ones who brought the Gospel to Rome. They gave it a new foundation, made it an eternal city.
Tomb of St Paul

Which is why today was there perfect way to spend our last full day in Rome. Tomorrow we'll travel to Assisi for a week long silent retreat in order to prepare for our upcoming Ordinations. The blog will go dark until at least February 2nd. Until then, thanks for reading and please pray that we be good and holy priests of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thank you for the posts from Rome. We will pray for you during your retreat in Assisi.