Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 18th

We began this morning on a high note, a papal audience. We walked a few blocks to the Vatican and saved our seats (they go fast). A few hours later the crowd started cheering and Pope Francis walked to the front of the audience hall. He preached about the prophet Jonah and his Christ-like willingness to be thrown into the sea if it meant the others on the ship would survive. At the end the Pope blessed us and extended his blessing to all our friends and family've been blessed by the Pope!

Then we walked over to the North American College in Rome. We had pasta and fellowship with our brother seminarians who study here in Rome. Plus their rooftop terrace has the perfect view of St. Peter's for a group photo.

We split up after lunch. A few men were invited to an interview with Vatican radio about our month in Rome. Many others went shopping for liturgical goods we'll need after Ordination. Still others made various pilgrimages to Churches in the city.

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